Advocate Jibu Jamal

Jibu J is one of the top lawyers in Kochi, Kerala. He is having strong and dedicated years of experience in the legal industry. Jibu is a well known lawyer and holds B.A , L.L.B and L.L.M. He practices in various courts in Ernakulam including High Court, All Trial Courts including Family Courts, Labour Courts , Consumer Courts and other Tribunals. Specialised in laws such as Civil , Criminal, Family, Divorce, Property, Medical Negligence, Intellectual Property, Consumer, Cyber he possesses excellent drafting, litigation and client counselling skill. A conscious effort on his part to see that at the end of the day the clients are completely satisfied makes him one of the popular lawyers in Kerala. Jibu delivers competent advice in the field of law and represents clients before almost all the legal forums. If you have any questions regarding legal issues feel free to contact or fill out the query form.

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